Tp-Link Router Setup

Routers designed and developed by Tp-Link are a good choice for house or office networks. These routers are best in class and provide higher networking performance. Tp-Link routers are designed with very powerful antennas. These antennas are designed to ensure continuous WiFi signal. Tplink Router comes with built in Ethernet Port to give high-speed internet connection for your domestic use. To understand the Tplink setup, you need to know your device first.

Router Overview

Front panel of all the Tplink routers are designed with LED’s. These LED’s indicate the status of router. Once LED’s are flashing it means system initialization or firmware up gradation is in the process while this is going on, do not turn off the power of your Tplink router.  Your Tplink router comes with power port, On/OFF button and RESET button in the back panel. In addition to this it contains internet and USB ports. Ethernet ports (1/2/3/4) are available for connecting any wired device or your PC.

WPS/WiFi button is can be used once you have need to RESET your Tplink router.  Press and hold WPS button for 2 second to turn on or off wireless connectivity of your Tplink router.

How to connect your Tplink Router

To connect your router you have to keep in mind few things; do not keep your router near to moisture or heat. To avoid tripping hazard, place your router safely and keep away from power cables and cords. As we know electromagnetic radiation affects the router efficiency so try to keep away your device from such EM devices. For Tplink set up, it is important to connect your router with existing internet connection. Follow the below given steps to connect your Tplink router-

  • If you are using Ethernet cable for internet connection then firstly turn off modem and remove battery is any.
  • Now you need to connect the modem with given internet port via Ethernet cable.
  • Switch on the router and check the LED status.
  • If you feel 2.4 GHz LED s off then press WPS/WiFi On/OFF button for 2 seconds and check the status of LED once again.
  • If LED’s are on then you can connect your computer to your Tplink router.

Wired Connection of Tplink Router

Before youunderstand about how to setup Tp-link router in your Home?You must know you few interesting facts about Tp-link Router. You can connect these routers with or without wire.Let’s talk about the wired connection first-

  • Now connect your modem with internet port on router via an Ethernet cable. Then turn on the modem. Wait for next 2-3 minute because it will time to RESTART.
  • Once your modem is ON, next switch on the Tp-link router.
  • Now you can connect your router with your PC.

How to do Tp-link login set up

Once you are through with your connection issues then think about the login setup.  The Tplink login setup is very easy; you just need to follow the given steps-

1-First thing you have to do is open your web browser and type default IP   or . You can also use .

2-Now it will ask for username and password on the login page. Here you have to put Admin as default username and password.

3-Now select Network>LAN located in the given menu bar.

4-Now you have to change the IP address and hit the save button.After changing IP address of your router, you’ll have to enter the new router IP address into the given web browser to log into the Tplink router

How to connect your Tplink Router Wirelessly

You can also connect your Tp-link router without wires. To perform Tp-link login setup you have to opt any of the connection method. If you want to connect your router wirelessly then follow the below given steps-

  • Firstly find out the network name of your router which also called SSID of Tp-link router. Both wireless password and SSID name will be printed on the bottom label of your router.
  • Now click the icon of network for your PC or you can check the Wi-Fi setting of your device. Once you have checked the Wi-Fi setting then select the given SSID to connect with network.

How to do tp-link login setup by WPS button

You can connect and do tp login set up with WPS button is your device supports the WPS which include Android phone, USB network card and can be connected with your tp-link router with this WPS method. This WPS configuration can’t be used if WiFi function of your Tp-link router is disabled anyways. If your router consists of WEP wireless encryption then it is not possible to use WPS configuration.

1-Make sure wireless function is enabled

2-Now press the WPS icon on the screen of your device.

3-Press the WPS button on your router simultaneously.

Login in to your Tp-link Router

Once your router is connected, now you can initiate the process of login in your Tp-link router. As we know with web based application it is very easy to manage your router’s configuration. Web based utility can be used on Macintosh or UNIX OS, Windows with any web browser like; Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. Follow the given steps for login to your Tplink router-

  • To do the login initially set up the protocol TCP or IP and obtain the IP address of your computer.
  • Now put in your browser. Then log-in with router’s username and password. You can use default one for that which is ‘admin’ for username and password both.

Manual setup for internet connection of your Tp-Link Router

Check your internet connection settings and modify the existing settings according to the ISP information. To modify your internet connection setting follows the given steps-

  1. Open the http;// in the browser then login with username and password. Once you are done with this then go to Basic >internet option in setting.
  2. Now you can choose the internet connection type from the given drop down list. You can also click Auto Detect if you do not know your connection type.
  3. If you have cable TV or fibre cable then choose the Dynamic IP and select do not clone MAC address if you are not sure.
  4. Choose Static IP which is provided by your ISP.
  5. If you have DSL cable modem then select PPPoE then enter username and password provided by ISP.
  6. Once you are done with changes then click the SAVE button and check your internet connection. Once your connection succeeded then you can see all your client devices over the network map.

Parental Control setup in your Tp-link Router

Now let discuss the parental control for your Tp-link router. With this feature you can control the access timing for your kids or other users. With this feature you can control the access as well as choice of content. To do this follows the following steps-

  1. Login in to the htttp:// with your router’s username and password.
  2. Then find out the Advanced>Parental Control and click the Enable button to activate the control over the existing users and devices.
  3. Here you will get ADD button, click on it and you will be able to view the existing devices. Now select the device name and MAC address manually and you are ready to go.
  4. Click the access time icon and set the desired access time.
  5. If you want to do some advance settings then enter a description and enable the given details by clicking OK button.
  6. With blacklist option restrict the desired domains and devices to access the internet.

If you are seeking for any help for Tplink setup or login, you can chat with us 24/7 or give us a call on given toll free number. Our team of network engineers will resolve all your Tplink router related issues.